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The implementation of Logo Signs (Rural Business Signing) commenced in the summer of 2006 with approximately 30 communities having structures installed as a pre-cursor to more .

The Logo program has proved quite successful in that implementation has now been carried out in approximately 90 communities as of July 2009. Businesses and communities are expressing interest in, and applying to the program, on a weekly basis.

For more information (and to read a full advertorial) on the Logo Signs,, click here or
contact Alberta Traffic Supply.

** Important Program Notes**

Please contact Alberta Traffic Supply for further information on these changes.

Program Bulletins (Guideline Revision)

The program enjoys ongoing revision, and as such ‘Program Bulletins’ are released when any changes are made to criteria or guidelines.

The program now has five (5) Bulletins in effect and can be viewed here, or by clicking the main link above.

These bulletins supersede any other criteria or guidelines that existed prior. Please make sure you read and understand these guidelines when applying for signs. Please contact Alberta Traffic Supply should you wish further clarification on these revisions.