We offer two ways of applying for signs through Sign Up Alberta, you can apply online (recommended) or download and fax in your application. A one-window approach provides a fair and equitable system for tourism and business operators across the province when applying for signs.
Apply Online Below:

1. Logo Signs Application Form
2. TODS application form (for single tourist attractions)
3. TODS application form (for Community Attractions and Facilities Sign only)

Submission confirmation will be sent by Email.

If you would prefer to fax in your application you can download the form here.

Application process

1. Review Logo Signs eligibility criteria or TODS eligibility criteria.

2. Apply for a TODS or a Logo Sign panel, by either downloading and printing the appropriate application form from step 1 or by online submission.

3. Fill out your application.

4. Fax/mail your application & application fee to the Program Administrator listed below.

5. The Program Administrator will review your application to determine if you are successful.

6. Within 30 days, the Program Administrator will contact you either accepting or declining your application to the program.

7. If you are accepted, the Program Administrator will send you a signage quote with details about the signs and available location placement for which you are eligible.

8. Return the Quote, along with your fees.

9. Expect your sign to be erected within 60 days after the administrator has received payment and has forwarded the agreements for your sign off approval.

10. If you are declined you can appeal the decision.

Download and Fax:

1. Logo Signs Application Form (28.0 KB)
2. TODS Application Form (for single tourist attractions) (139 KB )
3. TODS Application Form (for Community Attractions and Facilities Sign only) (34.7 KB)

These documents are in the PDF format.

Send your application and fees to:

Program Administrator (on behalf of the Government of Alberta):

Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd.
9015 – 14 Street NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6P 0C9
or FAX: 1 866 561 SIGN (7446)

For more information, call:


1 866 560 SIGN (7446)