Program Overview / How does the program work?

How does the program work?

Over the next few years, the current brown signs on Alberta’s highways will be replaced with new, blue ones. The information on the signs will be in the form of simple, easy to read text and clear, recognizable symbols. Standard symbols for attractions such as campgrounds and museums are used whenever possible for easy interpretation. Tourism operators and service providers can apply for new signs through a one-window application process, which you can access on this site.
All Sign Up Alberta signs are manufactured and placed in accordance with Alberta Transportation's Highway Construction Specifications. Under this new program, applicants do not have to worry about design, fabrication, installation and regular maintenance of the sign. These details are looked after as part of the province's highway sign maintenance program.
1. two kinds of signs
2.sign size
3.sign location
4.number of signs

1. two kinds of signs

Sign Up Alberta deals with two major components of tourism signs:
Logo Signs and Tourist Oriented Directional Signs, or TODS.

Logo Signs direct travellers to essential motorist services that offer gas,
food and lodging.

TODS provide directions to tourist attractions and facilities.

Travellers will identify the new Logo Signs and TODS by their blue background colour.

2. sign size

The size of a sign depends on the motorist’s ability to interpret the sign from a distance. Generally, size is determined by: the size of the lettering, the amount and type of information; road characteristics and location considerations. In order to enhance readability, tourist signs also make use of a combination of upper and lower case lettering.

3. sign location

An Alberta Transportation District Operations Manager will determine the exact location of signs on the highway, so the signs:

  • do NOT obstruct a driver’s view of the highways, intersections, oncoming traffic or pedestrians
  • do NOT take priority over more important highway signs and other traffic control devices
  • do NOT cause unnecessary visual pollution, particularly in environmentally and visually sensitive locations

4. number of signs

To prevent too many signs from cluttering our highways and to ensure fairness among applicants, there is a limit to the number of tourist and services signs that can be posted at an intersection, exit ramp or turn:

  • 2 major TODS
  • 2 regular TODS (with a maximum of 3 panels for each sign)
  • 1 each of; gas, food, & lodging Logo Signs (with a maximum of 6 logo panels for each sign)
  • 1 Community Attraction & Facility Sign – approaching a community access (with a maximum of four attraction names and six symbols on the lower panel)