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How does the program work?

for Tourist Oriented Directional Signs (TODS)
This is the place to find out about TODS in the Sign Up Alberta program. See the signs for a look at all the possible configurations of TODS. Find out if your attraction, service or facility qualifies for the program under eligibility criteria. You can also determine the cost of your potential sign and begin the application process by reading all the steps of the process and downloading an application form.

1. the signs

The TODS program includes:

  1. a.  Tourism Region Signs, which provide recognition of Alberta's key tourism marketing regions
  2. b.  Visitor Information Centre Signs
  3. c.  Major Resort Signs, for designated significant resorts within the province
  4. d.  Destination Attraction Signs, for significant attractions in the province
  5. e.  Significant Parks and Recreation Area Signs
  6. f.  Major Attractions Signs, for tourist operations that generate over 15,000 visitors per year, of which the majority of visitors reside 80 km or more from the attraction
  7. g.  Regular Attractions Signs, for attractions with less than 15,000 annual visitors
  8. h.  Community Facility and Attraction Signs, which provide the name of the community and information of the facilities, services and attractions available within the community

To determine if you qualify for any of the above signs,
please check the eligibility criteria.

1.the signs
2. eligibility criteria
4.application process

2. eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a TODS sign, tourism must be one of your core business activities.
In order to prove this you must:

  • provide a substantial experience for tourists in addition to, or as part of your business
  • Have all relevant licences and approvals to operate as a tourist attraction or facility
  • Have appropriate directional signs off the highway to lead motorists to the facility

The complete guidelines are available on this site under News & Publications.

3. cost

A five - year Permit Fee is paid by the business to cover the cost of fabricating and maintaining the Logo Sign panel showing their name.

See Permit Fees for all costs. For further clarification, please contact Alberta Traffic Supply.

1.the signs
2.eligibility criteria
4. application process

4. application process

A one-window approach provides a fair and equitable system for tourism operators across the province when applying for signs:

  • Your application is evaluated using up-to-date operational criteria guidelines
  • If you meet the criteria your application is approved within 30 days
  • If additional information is required, you will be notified within the 30-day timeframe
  • In the event of a refusal, you have the right to appeal

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5. timing

Over the next two to three years, the existing brown signs will be phased out to make way for an improved signage program consisting of TODS. The conversion will focus on major highway corridors at first, and then move to more remote areas of the province. Sign applications will be accepted from tourist operators on any highway during this time period.